LocateURcell.com is an affordable service that permits any person to locate his or her cell phone if lost or stolen, but more importantly, track children or keep track of those loved ones that have serious medical conditions like Dementia or Alzheimer's. LocateURCell.com tracks location in real time via Global Positioning System or GPS. GPS is a system of satellites originally devised for government security and surveillance. This technology allows you to pinpoint as close as 3 feet**, the location of an individual who is in possession of a cellphone that has been enabled with a number code for tracking. Authorized family members, others that have a power of attorney, or those that receive permission from the individual would be permitted to subscribe and location can be easily monitored through
a PC.

End the frantic searches for your phone, and end the worry of wondering where your teenager or aging parent is. A cell phone can help you monitor your child's or elderly parent’s movements and can determine if they are safely coming home or have become diverted or stranded.